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Thank you for selecting to visit us at our new McNeill Communications website! We have been honoured to work in the capacities of Public relations, media relations and Government relations for over 20 years. Specialising in finding the most unique feature for each client, each project, company, client and campaign and helping develop strategies which provide real results for our clients. It has been exciting and successful to date and we hope to continue over pleasing our clients and associates.. Our goal is to assist our clients over - reach their goals by providing unique methods and results.

Who are we:

We have been delighted to take on many interesting and motivating projects with interesting and motivating clients today and hope to continue that into the future. We appreciate clients who have both an environmental commitment, possess a strong work ethic and create budgets and volunteer time to give back to their communities. We are enthusiastic to work with clients who are motivated to make their businesses, their staff and their clients worlds much better environmentally, socially while enhancing everyone's work experience .....Therefore, it does not feel like work!

We are known for our work ethic, attaining media, government and public attention through proven methods of communication. We have been giving back to our community through volunteering skills and funds for over 25 years, in fact principal Allison McNeill received the Women of the Year 2009 City of Kelowna award for life long commitment to her community. We are pleased to be able to work with media, governments in all levels and the public to attain real results with honest messaging on projects and stories of interest. We like to think we help make the world a better place through honest & interesting communications . We believe in complete equality. We are always hoping to educate and empower with information those who can benefit from the communication!.

Where do we work:

Although we have had clients from Washington State, the Prairies, Montreal, Toronto and Eastern Canada we work primarily in the Okanagan, Lower Mainland & Vancouver Island.

What is our area of expertise:

We have past experience and passions for many industries ! We have experience and the pleasure of working within wine , brew & beverage industry, have created communications plans for and provided negotiations and governmental relations for Tourism, Forestry and Environmental initiatives, & Developmental Disability. We have worked in developmental relations with government, neighbourhoods and business. We have worked on Provincial, Civic and Federal political campaigns recently. Our clients are small and large businesses, the public, several Ministries, and many exciting initiatives.

We also write a column in the Okanagan Newspaper Group called, "Who's challenge is it anyway?" which features real life stories highlighting the successes and challenges people with developmental disabilities have experienced.

Read a collection of past articles here:

I wanted to share life through a person with a developmental disability to showcase the challenges and highlights of how I see our daughter Emma's life. Emma was born in 1988 with down syndrome and is an inspiration to all who get to know her. From catching the bouquet at her sister and brother in laws wedding to learning to ride a bike, talk, walk, ski, go to College for a trip to Europe or just marvel at life and what it brings, we hope you learn laugh cry and enjoy the column "Whose challenge is it anyway!"


I have known Alli for a number of years and worked with Alli when I was a councillor for the City of Kelowna for 9 years through to today as MP Kelowna Lake Country for almost 7 years. I have been delighted to call her a good personal friend also had the opportunity to work with on various occasion.

She is well known in business and political circles, honest, hard-working, focused goal oriented and fun to work with. I think she could be good resource for you as she has a great understanding of the Okanagan Valley & beyond and has fostered some excellent relationships in Media, Public and Governmental relations.

Ron Cannan, P.C.,M.P.
Kelowna Lake Country

The Jack Acres' Bursary:

Jack's wife and children came up with the idea to start a bursary in his name so that a KSS graduate who could not attain the funds or grades to easily slide into post secondary education would be able to. Each Fall and Winter a KSS graduating student will be the recipient of the Jack Acres bursary starting in 2012 and into perpetuity.
For more information please visit: http://www.jackacres.com